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Firmware Updates

8/29/2005 - StarDate GPS Adapter Firmware Revision 1.1 is released.  This revision fixes a problem communicating with the AS-GT series telescope mounts.  This is a critical update for AS-GT owners!  Also fixes a problem where telescope time would occasionally be off by 3-4 seconds from GPS time.  Telescope time should now agree within approximately 1 second, which is the resolution of the NMEA time data from the GPS receiver.

Download StarDate GPS Adapter Firmware v1.1 update package (Windows only, others contact Earthshine Technologies technical support).

To update your StarDate GPS Adapter firmware from your PC, you will need an RS-232 null-modem cable or null-modem adapter.  See the readme.txt file in the update package for complete update directions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many of the most commonly-asked questions about the StarDate GPS Adapter can be found in the StarDate GPS Adapter FAQ  Please note that there is currently a problem using a simple 2-way modular splitter to add a StarDate GPS Adapter to AS-GT series telescopes.


E-Mail Support

If your questions aren't answered by the user documentation or the FAQ, please contact us by e-mail at support@earthshinetechnologies.com.  E-mail is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with our support staff.  We will make every effort to respond to your e-mail inquiry the same day.


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