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StarDateTM Universal GPS Adapter for Celestron Telescopes

Now you can add GPS capability to your Celestron telescope using any handheld GPS receiver!  The StarDateTM GPS Adapter connects any NMEA-0183 compliant GPS receiver to your telescope's AUX port for easy and automatic GPS alignment!

The StarDate GPS Adapter works with any AUX-port-equipped Celestron telescope, including:

  • NexStar 5i/8i Series
  • NexStar 8i Special Edition
  • CGE Series
  • AS-GT Series (with with Celestron #93965 AUX port accessory kit)
  • SLT Series


  • Works with any NMEA-0183 compliant GPS receiver (Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, etc.) that outputs $GPRMC sentences (you must supply a suitable RS-232 cable for your GPS)
  • Interfaces via Celestron telescope AUX port
  • Supports most alignment methods (NOTE: Does not support "GPS Align", which requires compass direction sensor)
  • No batteries required - draws a tiny amount of power from the telescope
  • Easy to use - No buttons or switches, and only one status LED!
  • Small and light enough to store in an eyepiece or accessory case
  • Firmware can be field-updated to support new features or new telescopes

GPS-enable your telescope today - Spend less time aligning and more time observing!

SD-001        StarDate GPS Adapter                OUT OF STOCK


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